A Sigh of Relief

Acai Pomegranate Jelly

This is a very unique combination of flavors. The Acai fruit has a granular texture and the flavor is slightly tart and when combined with pomegranate juice, the blend is perfect for your morning toast or used as a glaze for your gourmet meals.

Acai Pomegranate Jelly - 10 oz.

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A Delectable New Flavor
Acai berries
Açaí berry comes from the Açaí Palm, which is found in central and south America. Açaí berry is one of the most important food staples in the regions where it is found. Consequently, Açaí berries are found in innumerable food items throughout central and south America. Yet the extreme perish-ability of this tropical fruit along with the challenges and limitations of growing and harvesting in different regions, have kept the Açaí berry strictly local fare for most of its life. However, the Acai berry has exploded in popularity all over the world, in the past few years, do to it's amazing health benefits.

And Now For Something Completely Different
Açaí berry is distinctive, rich, earthly, tart, with deep chocolaty, undertones. Much less sweet, slightly bitter naturally, with a hint of clove and pure cocoa, açaí is an exquisite flavor for a sophisticated palette. Açaí is best served with complementary fruit, or lightly sweet with honey or sugar. Açaí berry makes an exceptional addition to many disparate foods like smoothies, yogurts, custards, cereals, granola, pastries, and here at Ward's, our personal favorite, jelly! Our Açaí Pomegranate Jelly is made from açaí and pomegranate juice concentrates, with just a little sugar, perfectly blended to complement the tart earthly richness of açaí berries. The is no better way to enjoy the renowned açaí berry.

The Incredible Edible Fruit
If you've heard anything at all about the health benefits of the açaí berry, than no doubt you know about it's Anti-Oxidant benefits. You may be surprised, however to learn just how many different types of healthy ingredients are contained in this power packed little berry, like, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin A, as well as aspartic acid and glutamic acid. There are also a host of healthy fatty acids, including oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, beta- sitosterol, and polyphenolsjust to name a few. These attributes all contribute to açaí's exploding notoriety. And also why we use it in our Açaí Pomegranate Jelly. Our Açaí Pomegranate Jelly is made from acai and pomegranate juice concentrates, with just a little sugar, perfectly blended to complement the tart earthly richness of açaí berries.

Get to know the Acai Berry

  • The Fruit similar in appearance but slightly smaller and darker than a grape, typically a deep purple color. The vast majority of fruit is the seed. Only about 20% comprises the edible rind and flesh. These tiny berries grow on in huge bunches, called panicles, between 500 to 900 fruits. They are easily seen hanging just below the branches of the Açaí palms.
  • Enjoying Acai berries, Native Style In the northern state of Pará, Brazil, açaí pulp is traditionally served in gourds called "cuias" with tapioca and, depending on the local preference, can be consumed either salty or sweet (sugar, rapadura, and honey are known to be used in the mix). Açaí has become popular in southern Brazil where it is consumed cold as açaí na tigela ("açaí in the bowl"), mostly mixed with granola. Açaí is also consumed in Brazil as an ice cream flavor or juice. The juice has also been used in a flavored liqueur.