In business since 1891, we here at E. Waldo Ward & Son are devoted to producing the highest quality custom food products possible.

E. Waldo Ward & Son is a certified FDA food producer. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Hot and cold fill
  • Wet type products (jams, jellies, marmalades, barbecue sauces, fruit butters, hot sauces, marinades, mustards, pasta sauces, salsas, seafood sauces, etc.
  • Retail-size glass & institutional-size plastic containers
  • Can fill most glass container shapes and sizes
  • Custom neckbanding or capsules
  • Friendly minimums

E. Waldo Ward & Son
provides you with access to
including product development, label design, and compliance, label printing, and packaging, nutritional analysis, UPC codes, trademarks, and much more.

contact us: 1-800-355-WARD [email protected]

Beginning, Made Easy...

Contact our lead representative, Jeff Ward, to set up complimentary consultation regarding your creation and help you get moving in the right direction.

Stage I - Product Assessment

Our team of professionals will assess your creation for suitability of production within our facilities.

Product Samples - Send us two containers of each product that you want to co-pack in bottles or jars that are the approximate size of your desired final package.

Free pH Test - We will perform a free pH test to confirm that the products have a pH of less than 4.6 If it is greater than 4.6, we will let you know what your options are.

Complimentary Initial Price Quote - We will provide a complimentary initial price quote after our assessment has been completed.

Facility Inspection - You are encouraged to visit us here, at our facility, so you may decide if we are a, "good fit," for your business.

Stage II - Evaluation Batches

The cost is $200.00 per test batch per flavor. Each test batch is about 1000g., from which you will receive two to six bottles for evaluation.

Stage III - The Finished Product

After the test batch has been approved, we are ready to produce the final product. We will guide you through every aspect of the entire process.

"For us, it's about artistry, rigorous attention to detail, and the complex process and experience that goes into duplicating each aspect of your recipe..."

Brought to you by your friends at E Waldo Ward & Son