Jack Shelton

Holiday Help

San Francisco Magazine Cover December 1975

Seafood Cocktail Sauce is easy to prepare. For convenience sake, I have purchased it already made, but outside this last-minute rush use, I have never really seen the need to stock up on it. Yet, there is always that one exception and the one I have just discovered is it. Seafood Cocktail Sauce by E. Waldo Ward is now on my pantry shelf to be used regardless of how much time I have. The success of any recipe for such a condiment depends much upon the strength of the horseradish and/or Tobasco, and whether it contains either regular ketchup or chile sauce. But putting together a rendition equal to E. Waldo Ward’s would require a bit more expertise, time and money than called for in any basic formula. You would have to amass watermelon rind, cabbage, celery, and onions in addition to the usual ingredients. And I would imagine the superiority of Mr. Ward’s sauce is also due in part to the use of a tomato puree in place of the ubiquitous ketchup. No matter if you ordinarily prefer experimenting on your own with cocktail sauces or are on the search for first class mixtures outside your own kitchen, you would do well to try a jar of Seafood

Cocktail Sauce by E. Waldo Ward & Son of Sierra Madre, California. It certainly will spruce up your holiday table. I found the nine ounce jar at the Torn Ranch in San Rafael for $1.59. This delightful shop also presents all manner of marvelous edibles, including superb dried fruits and nuts. (Complete catalogue will be sent upon request.) For you readers well beyond Marin County, you will find E. Waldo Ward’s cocktail sauce in Palo Alto at the Village Cheese House, 157 Town & Country Village; in Menlo Park at Draeger’s Market, 1010 University Drive; in Oakland at the Piedmont Grocery, 4038 Piedmont Avenue; and Curds & Whey, 6311 College Avenue; in San Francisco at the Cannery, 2801 Leavenworth; and Geranio’s Grocery Company, 2500 Fillmore. Or, for a $1.35 handling and postage charge, you may order directly from:

the Torn Ranch,
813 Fourth Street,
San Rafael, CA, 94901;
telephone (415) 457-2080,
San Francisco: December 1975